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What is the Order of St John?


Most counties in England have a County Priory Group (CPG), which undertakes the important work of the Priory at a county level and has a wide range of important responsibilities including:

  • Being local ambassadors for St John

  • Working closely with Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant or their representatives

  • Developing strong positive relationships with key local community leaders

  • Overseeing nominations for Honours and Awards

  • Promoting faith aspects of the Order of St John through County Chaplains

  • Liaising with the St John Fellowship and former members who can provide support and help to local CPGs

  • Organising fundraising at a local level in conjunction with the Head of Priory and CPG Affairs and the Fundraising Department

  • Overseeing the maintenance of the St John county archives

  • Helping to support the work of the St John Eye Hospital Group in Jerusalem and St John Associations overseas

  • Arranging an annual Organ Donor Award Ceremony in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)

  • Supporting the work of St John Ambulance whenever possible


For further information on your local CPG, click on the links below:

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