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The St John Historical Society was formed in 1981 for the advancement in  learning and understanding of the history of The Order of St John.  There are no formal qualifications for membership, other than an interest in the subject.  The Society has a programme of  meetings throughout the year.


These are usually held at St John’s Gate, Clerkenwell, London, the 16th century entrance to the headquarters of the Order in England before the Reformation. Part of the programme usually includes London based ‘walking tours’ that relate to the Order and its work. The Society publishes a Newsletter for its members to keep them up to date with Society events and developments. It also publishes an ‘occasional papers’ series. These can be written versions of lectures or talks given to the society by the speakers or may be a contribution from a member of the society who has a specific historical interest that reflect the aims of the Society.  We host annually one joint lecture with members of the alliance  Orders of St John including the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) and  the Johanniterorden. In two British University History Departments, the Society funds a financial prize to be awarded to one student in that department who has conducted original research into the history of the Order. 

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