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In the occupied Palestinian territories, half the population live in poverty and blindness is ten times higher than in the West. Up to 15% of the population are diabetic, therefore 25 times more likely to develop blindness.


St John Eye Hospital is the only charitable centre for expert eye care in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and has been for over 130 years. The Hospital cares for those without the ability to pay, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

The hospital attracts a substantial number of volunteer doctors from around the world who not only help care for the patients but also help in the teaching and training of the local doctors

Although the Jerusalem Hospital is the flagship centre, its services cover the entire occupied Palestinian territories. The Gaza Hospital serves nearly 2 million Palestinians who live in isolation in the most heavily populated areas in the world. The Anabta Clinic serves a population of nearly 1 million in the inaccessible north of the West Bank. The Hebron Hospital caters for the residents of Hebron and the surrounding areas. The new Muristan Clinic and Gardens have also recently been opened in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem.


The Hospital’s Mobile Outreach Clinic takes essential eye care to remote communities in the West Bank and Gaza, serving a combined potential population of 4 million people. The Ophthalmic Doctors and Nurses Training Programme run from the Jerusalem Eye Hospital is in partnership with leading eye hospitals such as Moorfields.


St John Eye Hospital not only protects sight but in so doing, also safeguards the economic and social independence of individuals and the livelihood of their families.

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