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Get Involved


Every year, we carefully select three specific projects for St John Gateway to support financially and to raise awareness in your wider community. 


It is only with your help that these projects can continue, and by adopting St John as your charity of choice you can make a significant difference to people’s lives. There are lots of ways to get involved; below are some suggestions which might suit you.

Enjoy a challenge and get sponsorship at the same time, or fundraise your own way. There are many activities that you and your friends could do together, and any money you can raise will help support St John’s life-saving projects.


  • run the London marathon

  • do a parachute jump

  • climb Everest

  • hike through the UK

  • do a lunchtime bake sale for the office

  • run a pub quiz 

  • throw a private fundraiser dinner party amongst your friends

  • organise a charity ball

  • visit the Holy Land and St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital on one of our tours.

Please contact us if you need any guidance, advice, support or help to get your plans started.

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