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St John Gateway Branch is part of the National Fellowship organisation of St John, a network of county-wide social groups that are found across the country, and a key part of the Priory of England. The Fellowship exists to support the charitable activities of the Order of St John by providing care to members and former members of the Priory in a social setting, and to assist and support St John Ambulance and the County/Local Priory Groups through a network of local branches.

St John Gateway is based in London and exists to garner financial support and charitable engagement from young professionals. In so doing, St John Gateway will secure support for the short and long term future of St John in the UK.



In the short term:

  • To raise awareness of the Order of St John by demonstrating its relevance with the younger generation and by highlighting its successes 

  • To demonstrate the large variety of fields in which people could help, whatever their interests are

  • To give a central point of contact for people to approach in order to find out more or to register their interest in volunteering/getting involved 

  • To create a common bond/interest group for young people to socialise and have fun, in addition to furthering their specific area of interest


In the medium term:

  • To engage with people in the hope that they continue to retain an affiliation with St John by making it their charity of choice and enabling them to contribute in whatever way they can


In the long term:

  • To contribute to the Priory goal of creating an enduring, multi-generational membership in order to ensure the future sustainability of St John membership

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