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St John Gateway is a group of supporters, targeted at the twenty to forty age group, of the humanitarian works of the worldwide Order of St John. Through becoming a member of the Gateway we hope to foster a desire in others to learn more of the work of this extraordinary international charity and its humanitarian works to care for the poor and the sick.  We are a unique branch of the St John Fellowship.

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Who we are

We invite interested people to join this group. There is limited initial effort required, other than attending our events, but we hope that this will lead to a greater commitment as time passes; this is not a prerequisite however….we promise!


We will be hosting a series of events and activities to enable members to:

  1. Network and socialise with like-minded people creating opportunities and connections to be of use for their wider life.

  2. Do something worthwhile by giving something back to society through increasing their awareness of all that the Order undertakes in the UK, and across the world, and thus being encouraged to adopt St John as their charity of choice. 

  3. Learn more of the Order of St John’s fascinating humanitarian organisation.

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